Dialogue College Kaduna

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We strive to provide highest quality education, bridging your child's success with well formed infrastructure of knowledge and resources.

All Smiles from the students and their principal

A place to learn and grow together

DIALOGUE COLLEGE (DCK) is established to provide both western and Islamic education to serve humanity with a quest for modernity

The School provides an art and science-oriented education and encourages a wide range of interests within a disciplined framework.

Why Dialogue College

International School

With our rich blend of the Nigerian and British Curricular, we can say we are truly international . Our students are equipped to take any international exams which is age appropriate.

3 World Languages

Our language of instruction is English Language. Our students must however learn the basics of language in French, Arabic and Hausa Languages.

Smart Classes

Fully electronic with interactive smart boards and internet connectivity when ever the need arises.

25+ Courses

Equipping the students with requisite information grouped into the Junior (KS3) category and the senior categories. A rich and extensive IT curriculum stands the college out.

Student Clubs/ Entrepreneurship

Essential co- curricular program to develop a whole individual. Tailoring, Catering, Leather works, Interior decoration, Weltering, Furniture production

Financial Aid

Every new student enjoys a massive discount off tuition upon admission into DCK.

Dialogue College is a wonderful place to work. My colleagues are smart, kind, and supportive. The school is well organized and efficient. But what keeps me coming back are the wonderful kids I get to teach and learn from every day. They are in the right hands.


Principal (High School)

Because you deserve to shine.

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