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Appeal by College Proprietor – Dikko Shehu

Dialogue College Kaduna is a project receiving huge resource injection deployed in a regular and continuous fashion. Teams of reputable professionals on and behind the scene have been investing their knowledge, intellect, experiences and quality time to create a sustainable standard for the benefit of students, parents, teachers and ultimately the larger society. Research evaluating past case studies and well considered projections are all being pursued in a bid to keep upgrading the future of our students within the limits of time, space, resources and reasons. All these are being done to assure stakeholders that we are committed and ever ready to produce positive result and nothing short of that. We go extra miles to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for 21st century learning.

The happiness of every responsible and responsive teacher begins when he/she begins to impart and impact on the learners. And the saddest would be when it appears to the teacher that the child does not comprehend, is not interested in the study or has some explained or unexplained distraction, thus making it difficult to follow along.

We appeal to all parents/guardians and such other people in a position of responsibility to, as a matter of priority, make it a hobby in addition to his/her moral obligation and duty, to create the necessary atmosphere, environment and platform that will enable their children/our students have the mental and physical stability to concentrate and learn. We assure parents/guardians that the School Board, management, teaching and non-teaching staff at Dialogue Girls College will continue to complement all parental domestic  efforts by being diligent at  work and responsibilities, patient with the pupils and  serve as their guiding lights as they set to learn and prepare for their future.

All children deserve the opportunity to reach toward their full potential, to discover their unique voice and to contribute to the making of a better world.  Each one of us impacts and is impacted by others. Education is the vehicle by which, together, we can create a just society where all are valued, respected, and encouraged to be the best that they can be.

I look forward to working with our parents this school year and to the memorable times ahead!

Best Wishes,

 Dikko Shehu

College Proprietor

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